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Grimwade Conservation Services

The University of Melbourne’s Grimwade Conservation Services specialises in art and heritage conservation, materials analysis, conservation project management and training. Our large team of expert conservators deliver conservation works to built heritage as well as art and heritage collections. We offer sustainable solutions to built heritage conservation and scientific materials analysis of paint, wallpaper, mortar, stone and other materials. For collections we offer a full range of conservation and collection care services.

We work with clients and project managers to deliver integrated conservation solutions which are cost-effective and aligned to statutory approvals processes.

Our full-service conservation offering includes the following:

Built heritage

Materials analysis of paint, wallpaper, stone, surfaces and inorganic material, and conserving materials of all types. Conservation methodology and large project management. Environmental analysis. 3D photogrammetry.

Paper, photography, books and parchment

Conservation of artworks on paper, maps, documents, archival collections, wallpaper, vellum and parchment, books, photographs and film.

Paintings and frames

Conservation of oils and acrylics on canvas and panels, bark paintings, wall paintings and murals, frames and supports.

Objects, textiles and archaeology

Conservation of organic materials such as leather, wood, plant fibres, textiles, and inorganic materials such as ceramics, plastics, metals, glass, stone. Archaeological materials, outdoor sculpture, monuments, mixed media objects, furniture, natural history, human remains, anthropological specimens.

Collection services

Collection surveys, policy and advocacy, significance assessments, conservation needs assessments, preventative conservation plans, risk assessments, maintenance reports, documentation, and digitisation. Object rehousing, condition reporting, custom box making, and storage solutions.


Photography, documentation, object handling and preparation, conservation workflow management, policy and metadata design planning.


Standard lab techniques, non-invasive examination, advanced instrumentation.


Graduate teaching, student internships and Work Integrated Learning opportunities, community and professional workshops, professional training, master classes, local and international research and knowledge sharing Fellowships.


Scientific analysis, provenance and artist research.

Disaster management

Disaster planning and prevention surveys and training, disaster assessment, site recovery, insurance quoting and reporting, remediation.

Professional Affiliations / Qualifications

The conservation staff at Grimwade Conservation Services comprises a team of qualified and experienced conservators dedicated to the preservation and treatment of a wide range of cultural materials. Grimwade Conservation Services staff are required to be professional members of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) and abide by the AICCM code of ethics and code of practice. In addition to this, Grimwade Conservation Services are contributing members of the following organisations:

  • ICOM
  • ICON
  • AMaGA
  • IIC
  • AIC

Senior management team

Grimwade Centre Director:

Professor Robyn Sloggett AM, PhD, Ass DipMatCons, BA (Hons)

General Manager:

Penny Tripp BEd(VisArt), PGDipArts


Team Leader Objects Textiles and Archaeology:

Dr Holly Jones-Amin PhD, BAppSc (CultMatCons), BA 


Team Leader Paintings:

Cushla Hill BAppSc (CultMatCons)


Team Leader Paper, Books, Photography and Parchment:

Libby Melzer BAppSc (CultMatCons)


Grimwade  Conservation Services

Penny Tripp

99 Shiel Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051

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