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Maritime Archaeology

Maritime heritage site survey, analysing and recording features and artefacts, underwater and inter-tidal excavation, producing and publishing excavation/site reports, assessing archaeological impact of development, assessing significance of maritime sites and artefacts.

Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage

Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage provide expert advice about the obligations for a project under the Victorian Heritage Act 2017, local government planning schemes and other heritage listings. We have undertaken many historical heritage and archaeology projects in Melbourne’s CBD as well as in various suburban and rural locations for a wide variety of project…

Extent Heritage

Extent Heritage is one of the largest specialist heritage advisory firms in Australia. We offer our clients more than 30 years of accumulated experience and a comprehensive range of heritage services and specialist expertise. We specialise in built and urban heritage, historical archaeology, landscape heritage, Aboriginal cultural heritage, cultural values assessment, and storytelling through heritage…

Heritage Insight

Heritage Insight was established in 2000 and has a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals who consistently achieve high standards in heritage management.  Our approach to heritage management projects is team-based, with staff working together to produce constructive outcomes for heritage sites and places. All Heritage Insight projects comply with best practice in heritage…

International Conservation Services

International Conservation Services is Australia’s largest private fine art and heritage conservation practice, with labs in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. We are the definitive home for the care of artwork, objects and places of cultural or historical value. Our world class team of fine arts conservators and heritage experts are dedicated to conserving and securing…


Maritime archaeologists included in this directory have a minimum of an honours or other post-graduate degree in Maritime Archaeology or in another area of Archaeology with a major in Maritime Archaeology; or have gained recognition by Australian State, Commonwealth or New Zealand governments as a maritime archaeologist plus a minimum of two and a half years of full time professional experience applying the theories, methods and practices of Maritime Archaeology to the identification, evaluation, documentation or treatment of maritime archaeological sites in Australasia (one year experience in maritime archaeology must be under supervision of a maritime archaeologist); and products and activities that demonstrate the successful application of acquired proficiencies to the practice of maritime archaeological preservation. All archaeologists included in this directory have not less than three years experience as a maritime archaeologist.

Additional Information

Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology: AIMA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of underwater cultural heritage, and promotion of maritime archaeology conducted in accordance with internationally accepted ethical standards. For more information and access to the AIMA Code of Ethics refer to

Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc.: AACA is an organisation for professionals working in all fields of contract and public archaeology. Members are identified in the list below as AACA. For more information and access to the AACA Register of Consultants refer to

Australian Society for Historical Archaeology: ASHA is an organisation for professional archaeologists. Members are identified below as ASHA. For more information refer to

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