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Structural Engineering

BG&E’s Chartered structural engineers are trained heritage practitioners, fully accredited as members of ICOMOS, and have graduate degrees in structural analysis of monuments and historical constructions. Our work on heritage buildings is guided by the Burra Charter (Australia) and the ICOMOS New Zealand Charter.

The basis of our approach is the accurate characterisation of loads, including determination of original design loads and, if needed, management of wind tunnel testing. We accurately characterise material properties, with the involvement of our Materials and Durability team and timber specialists. These two steps are fundamental to a successful project outcome, as underestimation of material strength using default textbook properties or overestimation of loads often results in unnecessary strengthening works.

We accurately analyse the structure using finite element analysis. When required, non-linear analysis using DIANA, an advanced finite element software, is undertaken. With our expertise, strengthening of unreinforced masonry for achieving code compliance under seismic loads is often either not required, or minimised.

We are experienced in the assessment of heritage structures for compliance with the National Construction Code and Australian Standards. In addition to engineering analysis, in unique cases structural capacity is verified with load testing.

Upon completion of the structural analysis, if strengthening is required, the structural engineers provide multiple design solutions which are, wherever possible, reversible, minimal, and conforming to the principals of the Burra Charter or ICOMOS New Zealand Charter.

BG&E’s Chartered Professional Engineers provide full site phase support. This includes timely workshopping of design alternatives to resolve unexpected site conditions.

Construction Engineering

The construction engineering team engineer the sequence of modifications to heritage buildings and design the temporary works required to enable the demolition and construction.

Our services include demolition sequencing, staging new construction, animations, temporary façade retention systems, monitoring systems, temporary shoring and underpinning, hoarding and scaffold systems, plant and equipment design and loading assessments.

We design a solution that is specific to the constraints of the site and maintains the integrity of heritage items whilst concurrently facilitating the critical path of construction for the new structure.

Timber Specialists

We are a team of timber structural engineers and science engineering experts specializing in the preservation and maintenance of heritage buildings. Our primary focus is on ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of historical structures, acknowledging their architectural significance.

Our services encompass a wide range of solutions for heritage building owners and custodians:

Meticulous Timber Condition Assessments, utilizing advanced non-destructive testing methods to evaluate the structural health of timber components and to identify potential areas of concern.

Historical Research is a key aspect of our work. We delve into archives and historical records to uncover the original construction techniques and materials used in these structures, providing valuable insights for preservation.

Our team excels in Restoration and Replication, with a particular emphasis on recreating intricate timber elements such as moldings, beams, and trusses. Our goal is to preserve the historical accuracy and authenticity of these features.

Preservation Plans are custom-developed to meet the unique needs of each heritage building. These plans outline ongoing maintenance schedules and strategies aimed at safeguarding timber components from deterioration.

Timber Treatment and Conservation are vital components of our services. We employ advanced techniques and non-toxic wood preservatives while adhering to heritage conservation standards.

For buildings in need of structural reinforcement, we provide expert solutions to enhance load-bearing capacity while respecting historical authenticity.

Our Consultation and Compliance services ensure that all preservation work aligns with local heritage guidelines and regulations.

Our commitment lies in preserving the unique character and historical significance of heritage buildings. By combining our expertise in timber science engineering and structural engineering with a deep respect for architectural heritage, we offer comprehensive solutions to safeguard these invaluable structures for generations to come.

Professional Affiliations / Qualifications

Justin Hettinga
Heritage Lead



Barry Roben
Leader – Melbourne Buildings


Clive Allen
Associate – Structures

B.Eng (Hons1) | B.Math | MSc. (SAHC) | PhD | MIEAust CPEng NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus)


Dayne Davis
Associate – Timber



Justin Hettinga

367 Collins Street
Level 28

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