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Duratec has extensive experience in the remediation of heritage buildings and we apply a sympathetic approach to the works, mindful of the overarching principles of conservation, which depending on the project scope, will include a combination of rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction.

An essential aspect of successful heritage restoration is Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) – working collaboratively with stakeholders, heritage architects and lead consultants to enable clients to harness engineering and construction know-how and innovative ideas at an early stage.

Duratec embraces ECI and can provide initial surveys and trials to identify latent conditions and enable sample finishes to be developed and acceptance criteria established.

ECI enables a thorough understanding of the expected project outcomes and also allows pricing of the works to be performed with a higher degree of certainty of scope, while mitigating many of the project’s risks.

Project outcomes

Duratec understands that right from the start, key project outcomes need to be well defined and these include:

  • Extent of rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction
  • Requirements in terms of materials permitted to be used
  • Expected standards of surface finish, colour and texture
  • Life expectancy and long-term durability requirements
  • Structural upgrading expectations
  • Limitations of site and building use during the works
  • Project duration
  • Value for money
  • High level of safety compliance

Heritage remediation programs

Heritage building conservation aims for a high level of authenticity, accurately replicating historic materials as much as possible, and ideally, only using modern techniques in a concealed manner, where they will not compromise the heritage values of the building.

In approaching heritage remediation, Duratec focuses on the overarching principles of conservation, which depending on the project scope, will include a combination of rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction.


Heritage building materials and character defining features are protected, as they are in preservation treatment, but rehabilitation allows for alterations to the basic structure with modern building materials, so that it can continue to be useful for modern day purposes.


Restoration includes preservation, leaving as much material untouched as possible in its original form, using original materials and returning the structure to the historically accurate condition of its construction period.


Reconstruction allows the recreation of missing building elements in all new, appropriate materials, as long as they closely resemble the original ones.

Heritage services

  • Brickwork
  • Concrete repairs
  • Waterproofing
  • Hazardous material removal
  • Protective coatings
  • Structural strengthening
  • Rendering
  • Architectural feature repairs and reproduction

Professional Affiliations / Qualifications

  • Member of ACRA (Australasian Concrete Repair Association)
  • Member of CIA (Concrete Institute of Australia)
  • Member of ACA (Australasian Corrosion Association)
  • Member of CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Building Practitioner – Duratec – Commercial Unlimited
  • Building Practitioner – Duratec – Domestic Unlimited


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