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SHP (Sue Hodges Productions Pty Ltd) has over 23 years of experience in the heritage sector. We specialise in heritage interpretation but offer a complete range of heritage-based services, including design and fabrication. We aim not only to make heritage relevant and meaningful for clients and audiences but also to produce leading-edge work. Our work is underpinned by values of honesty, integrity and accountability.

SHP has an experienced core team of qualified historians, designers and tourism experts. All projects are supervised by Sue Hodges, who been actively involved developing national and international heritage interpretation guidelines, policies and strategies since 2012. In addition, we work closely with a range of specialist consultants, including architects, digital media specialists and fabricators to produce, fabricate and install our projects. This ensures that important heritage planning and consultation outcomes are carried through to implementation.

SHP has offices in Melbourne and Sydney and works around Australia and internationally. Our clients include government, property developers, communities associated with heritage sites, local history societies, museums, architects and landscape architects. We have a 100% success rate of achieving heritage permits.

Services include:

Heritage Interpretation

As interpretation specialists we offer a full scope of services for Heritage Interpretation, including Interpretation Plans and Strategies as well as content, design, production and installation of all types of interpretive media.

Heritage advice

We provide advice on all aspects of heritage, including heritage permits, advice on the adaptive reuse of heritage permits, heritage legislation, the EPBC Act, theory and method of heritage interpretation, sustainability and community capacity building.

Content development and research

Our services include historical research, theming, copy writing, storytelling, script development, curatorial work, image research, obtaining permissions and copyright clearances and peer review of academic material.


Our design services cover all areas of the heritage sector and beyond, including design for museums and visitor centres, exhibitions, fitouts, digital media, signage and trails, playgrounds, public artwork, publications and heritage-inspired installations.


We provide a complete range of consultation services to ensure your project meets the needs of the local community, First Nations and Traditional Owner groups and other stakeholders.

Signage content, design, production and fabrication

We produce a complete range of signage, including interpretive, educational, wayfinding, tourist and taxonomic signage. We not only develop all content and design the signs, but can also take them through to documentation, structural engineering, production and installation.


We offer a full range of tourism services, including tourism research, destination planning and development, business cases and product development.

Digital Media

Our scope of services includes Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Immersive Reality, films, apps, audio tours and websites.


We produce educational material for primary and secondary school students, including education kits, worksheets and lesson plans for teachers. We also provide incursions and excursions and training programs in heritage interpretation and history for professional audiences.

Collections Management

We provide collections-based services including Significance Assessments, Collections Management Plans and Policies and cataloguing.



Professional Affiliations / Qualifications

 Sue Hodges

Managing Director

Sue Hodges has worked in history and heritage interpretation for over 40 years. She plays an active role in the profession nationally and internationally, having served as President of the ICOMOS International Committee on the Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites (ICIP) since 2015 and as an Expert Advisor to UNESCO.


PhD (current), UTS

M.A. (Public History), 1991

B.A. (Hons., History & English), 1982

Professional affiliations:

Expert Advisor, UNESCO World Heritage Centre for Interpretation and Presentation (2020-)

President, ICOMOS International Committee for Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites (2015-)

Executive Committee Member, Australia ICOMOS (2014-)


Nicola Henriksson

Associate Director

Nicola Henriksson has over 20 years of experience in public history and interpretation. Having joined SHP in 2008, she has developed and overseen content for many of our signs, exhibitions, fitouts, heritage trails, audio tours, websites, public artworks and interpretation plans.


M.A. (Public History), Monash University, 2003

B.A. (Hons., History), Monash University, 2002

Professional affiliations:

Member, Australia ICOMOS


Luke Riley

Production Director


Over 25 years of experience in production and installation


Zera Haisma

Design Director


Dip. (Project Management), RMIT, 2000

B.D. (Industrial Design), RMIT University, 1996


Carolyn Childs

Tourism Consultant


B.A. (Hons., Russian Studies and Politics), Bristol University, 1985

Facilitative Leadership Course, Interaction Associates, 2013

Regenerative Tourism by Design Course, 2020


Josh McKay

Graphic Designer


B.D. (Communication Design) (Hons), Swinburne University, 2020


Gianna Lenzi



M.A. (Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies), Deakin University, 2020 (current)

B.A. (Hons., History), Monash University, 2018


Carissa Goudey



M.A. (Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies), Deakin University, 2016

B.A. (Hons., History), Monash University, 2012


Paul Ashton

Consultant Historian


PhD, School of History, Macquarie University, 2000

B.A. (Hons), Macquarie University, 1983

B.A. Dip Ed, School of History, Macquarie University, 1981

Professional affiliations:

Professional Historians Association of NSW Inc

National Council on Public History (USA)

Board Member and Member of Editorial Committee, Dictionary of Sydney





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