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GML Heritage is one of Australia’s most respected heritage consultancies. We provide balanced solutions for heritage places and communities that respond to our clients’ needs and the complexities, opportunities and challenges of our time.

GML’s portfolio includes strategic heritage advice, place-based and social histories, integrated heritage values assessment, and heritage studies across Victoria, conservation management plans for local, state significant and World Heritage places and landscapes, archaeology, Aboriginal cultural values, climate heritage and disaster risk management, and interpretation and placemaking.

Our services are founded on integrity, balance, excellence and a strong commitment to making a difference in our communities and the environment. We are known for our community centered approach to heritage planning, management, conservation and activation. Our work results in better conservation and management of buildings, landscapes and Aboriginal places.

First Peoples Cultural Heritage and Cultural Values
We work with Registered Aboriginal Parties, Traditional Owner organisations and other First Peoples to understand cultural values and develop cultural heritage management plans and interpretation plans, which respect First Peoples’ cultural heritage and align with legislative requirements. Our team includes Heritage Advisors listed with First Peoples – State Relations. We are committed to truthtelling and inclusive histories of heritage places, and to enabling First Peoples’ voices to be heard.

Landscape Heritage
By applying a balance of strategic thinking, technical knowledge, and landscape and horticultural expertise, we help our clients to understand, manage, renew and conserve significant cultural landscapes, parks, gardens and trees. Our expertise can help identify important landscape heritage places and advise on sensitive ongoing management.

We deliver a full suite of Aboriginal and historical archaeology services, from desktop assessments and research methodologies to excavation and curation. Our methods and standards of documentation are industry leading, and align with legislative requirements and consent conditions.

Built Heritage
Across all types of historic buildings, from vernacular to iconic, our heritage assessments, planning, management and conservation advice has ensured important places across Australian neighbourhoods, suburbs and towns and cities are protected and contribute to life in our communities. We excel in providing peer design review and heritage advice to help our clients and their design teams tailor their proposals to sensitive heritage contexts.

Many of the projects we work on require historical research. Using documentary and physical research, our narrative and thematic histories provide insightful understandings of places and lived experiences in the past. Our thematic environmental histories and heritage histories underpin and evidence the cultural significance and archaeological assessments of all types of heritage places.

Story-telling and Community Engagement
Our interpretation specialists can work with you to develop strategies and plans that imaginatively tell the stories of historic places and landscapes, with compelling content and creative design to enhance placemaking and public engagement. We can lead you through the interpretation planning process from thematic concept, through content development and community engagement, and design and installation.


Professional Affiliations / Qualifications

Edwina Jans, Head of Victoria and Technical Lead, Interpretation and Placemaking
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship 2002Graduate Diploma (Museum Studies), University of Sydney
Bachelor of Arts (Prehistory),
Australian National University

Professional Affiliations
Co-Founder and Creative Director Canberra Modern
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Alastair Swayn Foundation Grants Committee
National Trust of Australia (ACT)
ICOMOS (full international member)
International Scientific Committee on Interpretation
Australian Museums and Galleries Association
International Council of Museums (ICOM)
International Committee for Historic House Museums
Dr Christina Dyson, Senior Associate and Technical Lead, Landscape Heritage
Doctor of Philosophy, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne
Graduate Diploma (Horticulture), University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Arts (Honours Class I), University of Sydney
Professional Affiliations
Chair – Victoria’s Heritage Restoration Fund, Committee of Management
National Trust of Australia (Vic)
Member (Honorary Life) – Australian Garden History Society; AGHS Engagement Working Group (foundation member)
ICOMOS (full international member)
Dr Helen Doyle, Associate and Technical Lead, History and First Peoples Cultural Heritage
PhD, School of Historical Studies, Monash University
Master of Arts (Public History), Monash University
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Melbourne

Professional Affiliations
History Member of the Heritage Council of Victoria
ICOMOS (full international member)
Professional Historians’ Association (Vic)
National Trust of Australia (Vic)
Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Irish-Australian Cultural Network

Leah Tepper, Associate and Technical Lead, Archaeology
Honours (First Class), La Trobe University
Bachelor of Archaeology, La Trobe University
Summer School in Building Conservation
Professional Affiliations
ICOMOS (full international member)
Associate Member AACAI
National Trust of Australia (Vic) 





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