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We specialise in heritage renovations and extensions to existing heritage homes across Melbourne. We can work with you to take the best elements of Victorian heritage living, and create a property that really works for you on a functional level.

These include:

Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive reuse is a form of conservation by repurposing an existing place for new use as an economic and sustainable approach to preserving Victoria’s heritage buildings. Services may focus on retention and repair of historic buildings, but also on the respectful new and added elements to a historic building to extend its life in a useful way.

We follow Victoria’s guidelines and principles for considering change to heritage buildings in the Victorian Heritage Register to ensure that changes are aligned with values held by Heritage Victoria.

Heritage Studies

Identifying and assessing heritage places through a thorough physical investigation of a place, followed by careful and accurate documentation, as well as desktop studies to understand elements of significance within the place.

  • Historical research and collation of historical images, plans and maps
  • Field investigation of potential heritage places
  • Comparative analyses of similar places in order to understand the relative importance of a place
  • Assessment of significance

Heritage Impact Statements

Preparation of all checklist items required by Council to satisfy the Heritage
Impact Statement.

This typically includes, but is not limited to:

Establishing the cultural heritage significance of the place by assessing;

  • Existing conditions
  • Current use of the place
  • Constraints and opportunities resulting from the significance of the place
  • Analysis of the proposed works
  • Alternative options considered
  • Impact of the proposal on the cultural heritage significance of the place
  • Reasons Council should support the proposal

Design and Documentation of Conservation Works

Design and construction documentation services for conservation and restoration works to heritage places.

Heritage Advisory Services

Consulting and expert witness advice for designs to heritage projects that may be impacted by restrictive controls in Commonwealth or state legislation. Wexhaus appraises heritage values against defined heritage criteria or guidance in relation to development opportunities and constraints.

Heritage Interpretation

We can assist in identifying cultural heritage that is significant to communicate to future users through various engagement techniques, while ensuring these interpretations form a cohesive element to the overall design, use and function.

Professional Affiliations / Qualifications

Wexhaus director, Wesley Spencer, has completed a Bachelor or Arts (Architecture), a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master’s of Cultural Heritage at Deakin University. Wesley is a registered architect and listed on the ARBV and NSW Architects registration boards. Since 2013, Wesley has directed an architecture studio based in Melbourne which has specialised in heritage renovations and restorations.

Wexhaus is an A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects and Architeam.

Wesley is a member of the National Trust (Victoria), the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and Australia ICOMOS

Wexhaus Studio

Wesley Spencer

Level 35, 477 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000



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