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Our approach to Heritage is multifaceted – our process is interpretive and analytical and derived from your requirements in conjunction with your site/building’s context, features and planning and heritage requirements.

We love the challenge of what heritage projects bring and require – the archival investigation and research reveal the story of your site – as we move toward the design process with you we will seek and find handsome/elegant design solutions; these can be simple or complex in terms of the architecture/architectural expression reflecting your requirements and likes.

The Practice offers services related to Architecture, Urban Design and Specialist Heritage Advice.  The scope and nature of projects undertaken varies considerably from Residential [Individual Homes to Multi-Res.] to Commercial, through to Community Works, with sustainability being key.  Our knowledge and experience regarding Construction, Planning & Environmental and Heritage Legislation underpins the Practice.

We offer the following specialist heritage services:

– Pre-permit + Feasibility Advice

– Heritage + Conservation Advice

– Innovative Design

– Site Survey + Analysis + Existing Conditions [Plans + Elevations]

– Planning Permits + Heritage Planning Permits for listed/registered sites + Heritage Overlays

– Pre-Application Meetings with your Council

– Heritage Victoria Services [Advice + Permits]

– Heritage Reports including Conservation Management Plans, Facilities/Asset Management Plans and the like

– Practical Build Advice leading up to and during the Build

– Complex Projects including Building Relocation services

Professional Affiliations / Qualifications

Lucinda Owen – Architect – Studio Director

Professional Memberships:







Lucinda Owen

157 Cubitt Street, Cremorne, 3121



GML Heritage is one of Australia’s most respected heritage consultancies. We provide balanced solutions for heritage places and communities that respond to our clients’ needs and the complexities, opportunities and challenges of our time. GML’s portfolio includes strategic heritage advice, place-based and social histories, integrated heritage values assessment, and heritage studies across Victoria, conservation management…

Lovell Chen

Lovell Chen

Lovell Chen is a multi-disciplinary practice with more than 40 years’ experience in architecture and heritage. Whether we are designing a new building or adapting an existing heritage structure, undertaking conservation works or assessing a heritage landscape, developing a master plan or carrying out detailed research, providing conservation management advice or thinking through a strategic…



Structural Engineering BG&E’s Chartered structural engineers are trained heritage practitioners, fully accredited as members of ICOMOS, and have graduate degrees in structural analysis of monuments and historical constructions. Our work on heritage buildings is guided by the Burra Charter (Australia) and the ICOMOS New Zealand Charter. The basis of our approach is the accurate characterisation…

Wexhaus Studio

Wexhaus Studio

We specialise in heritage renovations and extensions to existing heritage homes across Melbourne. We can work with you to take the best elements of Victorian heritage living, and create a property that really works for you on a functional level. These include: Adaptive Reuse Adaptive reuse is a form of conservation by repurposing an existing…

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