Victorian Heritage Services Directory

CCG Architects are a one stop shop.

We are able to assist you with working your way through a maze of planning issues to get your project designed and approved.  We assist with

  • Heritage advice and reports
  • Preparation of Development Applications for residential and mixed use
  • Feasibility options
  • Site yield and use
  • Exempt and compliant avenues
  • Advocacy for protecting your home from adjacent inappropriate work

With a strong support group of subconsultants we can assist you with other difficult decisions:

  • Site survey
  • Services locations
  • Energy saving design
  • Water conscious design
  • Landscape design
  • Interior design

Professional Affiliations / Qualifications

DAVID COOK – Director in Charge,


Heritage architect for over 35 years, with experience in European heritage, reports, assessments,  restoration, Photographic Archival reports, adaptive re-use and interpretations

Have been 3 local Council’s heritage advisor and acted a Heriage manager for a government corporation.


B.Sc (Arch) 1977  B Arch 1980 UNSW




•             Researcher and historian, Find & Connect web resource, 2013-2014

•             Tutor and lecturer in ‘history heritage and the built environment’, UNSW, 2013—2016

Heritage consultant and planner, CCG, 2016—present, undertaking reports preparation of CMP, SoHI, assessments, and heritage advice.


•             BA (Hons) in History (Sydney University) 2003

•             MPLAN (UNSW) 2013

CCG Architects Pty Ltd

David Cook

Suite 209, 757 Bourke Street

SHP (Sue Hodges Productions Pty Ltd)

SHP (Sue Hodges Productions Pty Ltd)

SHP (Sue Hodges Productions Pty Ltd) has over 23 years of experience in the heritage sector. We specialise in heritage interpretation but offer a complete range of heritage-based services, including design and fabrication. We aim not only to make heritage relevant and meaningful for clients and audiences but also to produce leading-edge work. Our work…

Line of Sight Heritage

Line of Sight Heritage

About Line of Sight Heritage are experts in the management of heritage places. We specialise in undertaking heritage assessments, providing strategic heritage advice, and preparing Heritage Impact Statements (HISs) to support the issue of heritage permits. Heritage Assessments Line of Sight Heritage are experts in the heritage assessment process at both a local and state level. We take pride in producing carefully researched and well crafted assessments and providing clients…

Wexhaus Studio

Wexhaus Studio

We specialise in heritage renovations and extensions to existing heritage homes across Melbourne. We can work with you to take the best elements of Victorian heritage living, and create a property that really works for you on a functional level. These include: Adaptive Reuse Adaptive reuse is a form of conservation by repurposing an existing…



GML Heritage is one of Australia’s most respected heritage consultancies. We provide balanced solutions for heritage places and communities that respond to our clients’ needs and the complexities, opportunities and challenges of our time. GML’s portfolio includes strategic heritage advice, place-based and social histories, integrated heritage values assessment, and heritage studies across Victoria, conservation management…

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